DEREK HAYES author of:

The Maladjusted
and other stories
by Derek Hayes

The Maladjusted is published by Thistledown Press.

“Sixteen clever and insightful stories about people who fail to meet fundamental social or cultural expectations. Hayes’ short stories are accessible, immediate, and convenient and lend themselves to a contemporary, fast-paced audience.”

short fiction, Thistledown Press
ISBN-10: 1-897235-90-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-897235-90-4

“The word dignity appears repeatedly in The Maladjusted, the debut story collection by Toronto resident Derek Hayes.”

The Globe and Mail gives a good review of The Maladjusted.
“the collection is rich with engaging characters, keenly evoked settings and a sensitive eye for the margins and the marginalized. To quote Amis, Derek Hayes is indeed “worth keeping an eye on.” Read the Review by Jim Bartley

Reviewed by Steven W. Beattie: Special to National Post

“Toronto Author Delivers Sympathetic Portrayals of the Neurotically Challenged”

Read a review of Derek’s new book, The Maladjusted, written by Daniel Garber at CulturalMinng.com.

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Derek Hayes’ collection The Maladjusted concerns people who are unable to react successfully to the demands of their environment or of social exchange. When they fail to cope with their life realities, or lack the skill, readiness, or ingenuity to adapt to change they become Hayes’s maladjusted.

Mental health issues are front and centre in today’s media. The City of Toronto is rebuilding a new and cutting-edge CAMH facility. But should the Ontario government increase disability allowances? How about introducing legislation that deals with too-long waiting times for people who need a routine psychiatric assessment?

These sixteen contemporary, urban stories intimately explore the fictionalized lives of people that suffer from anxiety and depressive disorders. And do so compassionately.

Martin Amis, the author of The Pregnant Widow and London Fields, wrote: “Derek Hayes is a talented new writer from Canada who is worth keeping an eye on.”

If you’d like an interview with the author or would like to review the book, you can contact him at the above phone number, email address or through his website.

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